The uniform of the St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary School is distinctive and different from other institutions within the St. Edmund’s umbrella. The uniform is designed to reflect the institution’s colours and flag while also lending a quality unique to itself. All students are to strictly adhere to the uniform during classes, in the campus and even during travel to and from the campus. So students are strongly expected to wear the uniform as per the regulations and smartness in a manner that ensures that the values that the institution stands for are respected.

Boys are to wear the HS uniform shirt, the HS pullover or blazer along with flannel grey trousers, white socks and black shoes.

Girls are to wear the HS uniform kameez, HS pullover or blazer, white salwar, white dupatta, white socks, black shoes and black hair ties.

All students are also to wear their Identity cards around their neck at all times. While in uniform, all students are expected to carry themselves in a way that demonstrates their respect for both the uniform and the institution that they represent.