Counselling Cell

Counselling is the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about any issue that you face in everyday life that you may wish to explore and understand better. It is a therapeutic process that takes place in a professional and confidential setting with a qualified and competent counsellor, over a period of time.

The Counselling Cell of St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary School aims to offer students support and assistance by providing quality therapeutic services to them. It is of knowledge that when students face unresolved issues, it is displayed in their academic performances, behaviour in the classroom and outside, attendance and eventually in their all round personality development.

It intends to help the students gain the best from their environment and develop resources from within themselves to be able to eliminate any obstacle or impediment that may hinder their potential of growth academically, emotionally and mentally. The Counselling Cell also provides career counselling for students after thorough and careful analysis of their reports from standardized psychometric assessments.

This Institution offers professional counselling through a trained and experienced Psychologist with multicultural competence and respectful of all individuals of different cultural, religious and sexual orientations.

Counselling is beneficial to any individual who is dealing with issues and difficulties in their everyday lives, such as academic or school stress, emotional issues or family and peer related concerns. The process of counselling will aid individual and families to better comprehend their issues and be empowered and guided to healthily cope and manage their situations in the present and future.