Expectations to Teachers

Your Students expect that you will:

  • a. Treat them with courtesy and respect.
  • b. Be able to manage undisciplined behaviour without resorting to corporal punishment and in a way, which maintains the learning environment as well as the dignity of the child.
  • c. Avoid favouring individual students or' picking on' others.
  • d. Generally avoid penalising the whole class because of the misbehaviour of a few.
  • e. Listen to the pupil's point of view and try to understand individual problems.
  • f. At the appropriate time, allow individual pupils to present their view of things, especially when there are disagreements,
  • g. Avoid open damaging criticism of particular students in the staff room and at other gatherings.

Parents Expect that you will:

  • a. Avoid labeling their child as 'troublesome' or discriminating against him/her because of past misdemeanours.
  • b. Avoid making their child the subject of destructive or overly critical staff room discussions.
  • c. Inform them, at an early stage, if their child is involved in some persistent and/or major discipline problem.
  • d. Be available to them to talk over issues related to their child's behaviour (generally after having made an appointment).
  • e. Discipline their child in ways that inspire trust and respect and don't leave physical/psychological scars.