School Crest

The School Crest and its Symbolism
The school crest was probably designed by a Christian Brother who unfortunately remains anonymous.

The CROSS burning with faith, is placed appropriately at the center because it signifies that God is central to St. Edmund's Higher Secondary being a Christian Brother Institution

The crest is surmounted by a STAR. As the star shines in the darkness, it is regarded as the symbol of enlightenment and instruction.

Embracing the logo is the SCROLL. of learning which is done in the Celtic tradition so deftly intertwined that the complete design given a sense of fulfillment, that is the fruit of harmony unity and good teamwork

The SAPLINGS correspond to every student who walks into the Higher Secondary to prepare for life.

The blossoming of the TWO FLOWERS represent the full flowering of the personality of the students in this co-educational institution and signify the integration of the values in life freedom and responsibility compassion and justice, the ying and the yang. It also signifies the healthy balance between the curricular and the co-curricular which is promoted in the institution.

The CROWN at the foundation of the saplings symbolizes the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment experienced when the students develop a balanced and integrated personality.

The star and the scroll of learning are golden in colour GOLD representing the pot at the end of the rainbow if the true traditions of being an Edmundian are followed in letter and spirit.

The saplings are GREEN in colour signifying the welth of possibility and hope for each individual.

The logo is MAROON in colour symbolic of patience which ultimately helps surmount all difficulties.

The scroll holds the college motto FACTA NON VERBA which in Latin means 'Deeds not Words'. The College provides ample opportunities for students to prove themselves in academics as well as in all forms of co-curricular activities. What more appropriate motto could have been chosen by the pioneering Brothers as Edmundians worldwide have lived and distinguished themselves by their deeds!