Code of Conduct

1. God expects that you will...

  • i. Develop your relationship with God through prayer and participation in the religious life of the Institution.
  • ii. Behave in a virtuous way, in your dealings with others-modeling God's tolerance, fairness, respect and honesty at all times.
  • iii. See your Institution life as part of your mission on earth and strive to fulfill it to the best of your ability.

2. Educational Authorities And The Government Require That You Will...

  • i. Attend your Institution regularly. A minimum of 80% attendance is required.
  • ii. Arrive on time.
  • iii. Not leave during the day without permission.
  • iv. Attend all the lessons organised for you.
  • v. Respect the Institution property.

3. Our Institutional Community expects that you will...

  • i. Wear your uniform with respect.
  • ii. Take advantage of every chance to learn and speak only English while on the institution premises.
  • iii. Not take part in unacceptable behaviour such as swearing, spitting, fighting, littering, damaging Institution property, carrying weapons and dangerous instruments.
  • iv. Show respect for your physical well being by not smoking, chewing betel nut, and not taking alcohol, drugs, or viewing objectionable literature or web sites.
  • v. Show pride in your Institution and present a good image, especially by behaving yourself when in public and when traveling.
  • vi Speak positively of your institution and your teachers.
  • vii. Cooperate with all staff members.
  • viii. Show Institutional spirit by participating in Higher Secondary activities,
  • ix. Follow instructions of staff and prefects.
  • x. Move quickly and quietly from class to class and avoid causing unnecessary disturbances.
  • xi. Be on time for all classes.
  • xii. Bring the required instructional materials for all periods.
  • xiii. Stay in your place during class.
  • xiv. Be present in class for all lessons
  • xv. Show respect and reverence during prayers and the singing of the National/ School anthem.
  • xvi. Maintain silence in the library at all times.
  • xvii. Keep off verandahs, stairwells and out of classrooms before class and during recess and lunch breaks.
  • xviii. Keep your classroom, institution and environment clean and tidy.
  • xix. Not leave the institution campus without the Head/Coordinators permission.
  • xx. Make the necessary arrangements to be present before or after class hours to participate in academic, sports and co-curricular activities whenever required.
  • xxi. Respect institutional property and report immediately any damage to institutional property.
  • xxii. Not introduce objectionable books, magazines or periodicals to the institution. Follow institutional rules with regards to the carrying and use of mobile phones, pagers, video games and other electronic gadgets.
  • xxiii. Not meet any visitors in the institution without the written permission of parents and Head.
  • xxiv. Not drive motorized vehicles inside the school compound at any time, nor drive cars, scooters, mopeds etc. while coming to or returning from the institution.
  • xxv. Not use unfair means during tests. Such improper conduct is unworthy of an Edmundian and can lead to severe penalties.
  • xxvi. Participate in study tours organized by the Institution. Student picnics with or without the presence of staff members is discouraged.
  • xxvii. Come with a regulation haircut and nails neatly kept.

    Girls are expected:

    • Not to colour hair
    • To tie or plait their hair
    • Not to put on make-up
    • Refrain from inappropriate piercing of the body

    Boys are excepted:

    • Not to colour or bleach their hair
    • To neatly tend/shave facial hair
    • To have short, neat haircuts
    • Not to spike their hair
    • Not to put on make-up

4. Your Teachers expect that you

  • i. Show them courtesy and respect at all times.
  • ii. Accept their authority and responsibility and their right to give instructions and to allocate suitable punishment to those who break rules.
  • iii. Come to class on time and bring all necessary materials with you.
  • iv. Complete set work carefully and on time.
  • v. Listen attentively when teachers or other students are speaking. Indicate your desire to contribute by raising your hand.
  • vi. Avoid any distracting behaviour during lessons.
  • vii. Stay in your place and do not pack up at the end of a lesson until directed by your teacher.
  • viii. Put your hand up to ask/answer questions; do not call out in class.
  • ix. Cooperate with the Captains and Class Prefects in maintaining proper order and discipline.
    a. during a change of periods
    b. when a teacher happens to be absent or late.

5. The Members of The Institutional Community, especially your fellow students, expect that you

  • i. Not interfere with their person by bullying or violence.
  • ii. Not detract from their good name by insults or spreading rumours.
  • iii. Not interfere with their chances to learn by disrupting the class room environment.
  • iv. Not take and spoil materials belonging to others,
  • v. Speak to others with courtesy and respect.
  • vi. Be responsible for your actions and accept the consequences of them.