Social Justice


As part of the family of the Congregation of Christian Brothers Institute, founded by Edmund Rice, St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary strongly believes in service to the community, especially giving support to the weak and marginalized members of society. Therefore, Social Justice and Advocacy is a cause that is very dear to St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary. In honouring this calling to serve, the higher secondary section has a Social Justice and Advocacy cell comprising of students and staff who wish to be part of this movement to serve their community.

What is Social Justice and Advocacy?

  • It is NOT just about social work and charity.
  • It involves planned and sustainable actions.
  • It's purpose is to influence public policies for the wider public good and the environment.

Our mission, therefore is,

  • To evoke a sense of community.
  • To create sensitivity and compassion towards all forms of injustice.
  • To mould our youth to recognize and take action against any injustice.
  • To build the capacities of our youth to become social justice warriors and reformers.

For the purpose of carrying out our social justice and advocacy campaign, a Social Justice Cell/Club has been formed, constituting of all students as well as teachers who are interested in bringing about change. The aim of the Club is to spread awareness of social injustice in all its manifestations, to address the issues and to help take action to prevent and end such injustice.

Various activities are taken up and organized by the Club. All students who are non-members are also encouraged to participate. The activities the institute has organized so far since its inception are as follows:-

  • Signature Campaigns
  • Poster Campaigns
  • Conducting Workshops sensitizing students on issues like Gender Equality, Inclusion, Conservation and preservation of environment.
  • Using surveys and case studies to further enlighten students on forms of injustice and malpractices in society.
  • Street plays,songs, school assemblies used as platforms for students to convey messages on social justice.
  • Field trips, tours and exposure trips off the campus.
  • Orientation Programmes for Teaching Staff on how they can influence and help students to become compassionate youth who will give back to their communities.
  • Raising funds.